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Monday, March 12, 2007

you're sick of the bullshit? (the reply)'s reply to
"i'm sick of all the bullshit"
by Curlycurvynervy
author of:
"summa this and summa that"

why must it be me who gets blamed?
when you met me, you knew I was untamed
that's what attracted you after all
that's why you answered when I called
you chose the challenge, admit it baby
thought you'd be the one to drive me crazy
but instead it was you who lost control
so many nites I gave you pleasures untold
now you're telling me your sick of the bullshit?
because you're upset that I won't commit?
don't get me wrong, pain is not what I want to cause you
but I won't shed a tear if I've lost you
the remedy is to remain patiently
if you really want my love wait for me


1 comment:

Curlycurvynervy said...

You have my permission to post my poem, in partner with this one...I think they go together well..
Would you be opposed if I posted your 'reply'?