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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i'm sick of all the bullshit (the preclude)

precludes "you're sick of
the bullshit?" by

Guestblog from

author of: "summa this & summa that"

I'm sick of all the bullshit,
I'm tired of all the games,
I'm tired of pointing fingers,
I'm tired of calling names,
My head just keeps on spinning,
I cannot make it stop.
I cannot keep on going,
I think I may just drop.
I can't deceive myself
I need to heed the truth.
I want to believe in us,
but I'm afraid there is no proof.
No sign of your faith,
No way for me to know,
what's real or just a game...
I'm full of hate, of rage and jealousy..
Of envy and despair
I want to run, to free this part of me.
To inhale fresher air..
I need to exorcise, rid myself of these feelings
detoxify, cleanse, flush out all the demons.
I gave you only love,
You gave me only lemons
I tried to make it sweeter
to make it wonderful...
You poisoned every drop,
and killed most of my hope, my faith, my sincerity...
I only feel sadness, and empty all inside..
I have nothing left to give,
no more gas to fuel the ride.
This is my moment of silence,
my time to marinate,
My chance to sit and ponder,
Just what road I will take


Honey-Libra said...

First time by and I will def be back. Found the spot through Tenacious :)

Tenacious said...

**waves** Hey Curls

Curls...just popping up errwhere huh? *lol*

Well...I thank you for stopping by my humble abode and leaving a comment. I feel you on ALL points. My stance is: I dont care if you tried it once, my answer is still the same :-)

You're in black people DO live in Virginia, thats good to know :-)

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow, very emotional and I like it :)

My first visit here, hope it's ok to comment :)