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Thursday, March 15, 2007

eric a.

dear ej,

I could see it in her pretty hazel eyes that she was nervous. She had given me a couple blow jobs since we've been hangin out, but i knew she hadn't gone all the way yet. So my mission was to take it slow and make sure she was relaxed. We had roughly two hours before her folks were due back from the movies, but that was plenty of time. The key to her was kissing; a lot of kissing. But I didn't mind because she's really good at it. She's got big, soft lips and an active, wet tounge (two reasons why her "head" is "bananas").

I wanted us to undress slowly. I let her undress me and I undressed her, all the while sharing deep passionate kisses. She was wearing matching purple lace underwear. She had told me in conversation before how she felt sexy in purple lace. She was definately ready for what was happening.

When the clothes were all off, my mouth went on a tour of her body. I could hear her breathe deeply with delight as I explored. When I arrived down below, I couldn't believe how sweet she tasted. It was like she was oozing honey and vanilla. I got so turned on as she grabbed my head and started to spit sexy oh's and yes's. That made it all the more enjoyable as I parted her tight lips with my tounge, trying to loosen up her walls for what was coming next. The more I probed, the more her perfect thighs trembled with pleasure.

When her river flowed so heavily that I thought I would drown, i lifted my head and began to climb. We shared one more deep liplock as i prepared to enter her. I pressed the head of my dick to the fuzzy skin of her sweet peach, then suddenly she stopped me. "Wait baby," she said. "I wanna suck it before you fuck me." Then she brought me to her mouth and pleasured me better than she ever had before, which is saying a lot.

She made me swell to the throbbing point, which may not have been good for a first-timer. As I pressed myself inside, her joyful moans changed to pangs of distress. Her hands clenched the sheets and she bit her bottom lip, trying to ignore the pain. I went as slow as I could, trying to give her skin a chance to stretch around my rock hard member. But she was working against that for a while as her pussy would contract around me everytime she tensed up. Unless she could relax, this was not going to be good for her.

So I began kissing her again. Deep, wet, sensual kisses. They were soothing to her. She settled down. I could feel her juices flow again. Soon she was able to take all of me. I slipped totally inside of her slick walls. Her hips began to move with mine. Her hands no longer clinched the sheets. They were now caressing my back. The music of her sweet voice played loud tunes of "yea baby" and "oh my god."

I turned over on my back and put her on top so that she could be in control. She went slow and steady the rest of the way until she couldn't take anymore. She lifted off of my erection and layed next to me. She immediately started holding herself between her legs. I held her close and asked if she was alrite. "I'm ok," she wimpered. "I mean, I was takin' that shit, wasn't I baby?" she chuckled through the pain. I told her to take steaming hot baths and try to take it easy for the next day or so until the soreness went away. I hated to leave but we both knew I had to. I told her to rest and call me whenever she woke up.

I consider myself lucky to be the first to take her all the way. She's very aggressive, and a natural freak. I expect that after another break-in, that the sex will be mindblowing, considering it was pretty good the first time. I can't wait until she calls. I'm going crazy in this dorm wondering what's going to come out of her mouth. She could already talk dirty with the best of them. Now that she's had some, she's gonna be almost to much to handle.

-- eric a.

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Curlycurvynervy said...

Whew! That was one steamy journal entry...
Loves it.