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Sunday, March 11, 2007

so warm (the wait is over)

spending time with you, there's no place I'd rather be
just breathing in the same air as you brings satisfaction to me
but looking in your eyes, you're seeking something more
you pull me close to tell me what it is you're longing for
outside it's so warm

we go inside to find, there's no one else around
we're all alone, no one to possibly hear a sound
you lead me through the door, the time has come i suppose
you run your fingers through my hair, and my eyes begin to close
your room is so warm

your fingers slide down to my neck, and pull my lipz to yours
I was so very patient with you, now the rain's about to pour
I remove your blouse to reveal the treasures concealed within
Shockwaves of eroticism run through you as I touch your sexy skin
your body is so warm

you push me onto your bed, as your aggressiveness takes command
kissing my neck and my chest, you cause my manhood to expand
it turnz you on more and more with every inch that I grow
you give me the sexiest look and then you slide below
your mouth is so warm

it's time for me to see what's alluded me for all this time
unbutton, unzip, unhook, slide down, let Romey claim what's mine
I let you start the show, now it's time that you discover
why it feels so good, why I do all that I do, and why you'll never desire another
inside you it's so warm


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