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Thursday, March 15, 2007

lose control (romey make u moist)

kissing on your neck, licking your earlobes
it's getting harder and harder for you to stay in your clothes
your not a tease, it's just that you don't know me well
don't want to lay down with me for fear that I'll kiss and tell
but the way that I kiss you and hold you and squeeze
makes you believe that i just want to please
my fingertips touch you and caress you with care
telling your body that when you wake I still will be there
your body is politic-ing, trying to convince your mind
"tell the thighs to open up and let him inside"
"you've already convinced me to let him in the house,
have a drink, make out, and take off our blouse"
your mind's losing control, how could this be?
is that your skirt sliding down to your feet?
you're taking my hand, leading me to your bed
ignoring those rational thoughts in your head
you'll take the gamble, play the game that they play
want to find out if Romey's as good as they say
it all begins with a kiss on the way to heaven
when Romey makes you moist in '2007


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