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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

body interview

when i get into you
it'll be in depth just like an interview
i'll ask your body questions
feel my way around to keep going in the right direction
to avoid any ho-hums and yawns
i pay close attention when your body rezponds
i'm anticipating your reaction
i'm keeping things moving, no lullz in the action
interesting and thought provoking
you've got your eyes closed but your mind is wide open
when we started you were in your clothes
then i got below the surface and your soul was exposed
your innermost desires were revealed
now inquiring minds want to know, love, how does it feel?
your body answers with a shiver to my touch
a twitch when i kiss, and many shakes when i thrust
your body tells me how to make you cum
and i'll be sure to file this information when this interview's done
g-14 classified, padlock and key
i never reveal my sources this is privy only to me
i ask your body questions
never with words, but well-timed injected erections
girl, when i get into you
i go to great "length" to get in depth just like an interview


1 comment:

Curlycurvynervy said...

Well, Allow me to return the a fellow poet. I have to say your reply to mines was pretty well done. I was breathtaken for a minute.
I felt a connection like you knew me well...
Don't be a stranger, and I am just getting my feet wet in this here 'emotional journal' of yours...looking forward to the discoveries.