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Sunday, March 11, 2007

stacy j.

dear ej,

I went over there because i had to know if I was over him. I had to know if I had him out of my system. Of course I had to make it look innocent, as if I had a legitimate agenda. So I told him about a new web-based business that I'm starting and that I wanted to present him an offer to invest. I knew he would try something. The question would be could I resist him when he did.

I was doing very well at first. I shrugged off his extremely long and deep opening hug. I ignored the very clever ways he found to touch me. First on my hand, then my wrist, then my shoulders; even around my waist. He was always slick as hell and he knew just how to push my buttons.

Then something happened. After I switched the subject back to my presentation for the tenth time, his cell phone rang. He excused himself over to the other side of the room so that I could only hear his conversation if I realy wanted to. Which I didn't, at first. Not until I noticed that he had lowered his voice into that trademark sexy baritone, and started showing his devlish grin. Admittedly, I started to get a little jealous, now that it seemed his seduction efforts were being applied to someone else.

I cleared my throat and waved his attention back over to me and he finally ended his phone call. when he came back over and sat on the sofa next to me, he was strangely on his best behavior. He left almost a full seat cushion between us. No more touching, no innuendo, no funny business. I was blown.

I could hardly consentrate from that point on. Curiosity got the best of me. Who the hell was that on the phone? Was she so hot that a call from her could take his mind off of me and I'm right here in his face? My mission went from playin hard to get, to seek and destroy. We had history. He knew what spots to hit when it came to me, but I knew how to turn him on just as well.

I started slowly at first, sliding over closer to him as I spoke, holding documents over to him so that I could bring my face over to his as we read. You could feel the heat rise between us. But he was still holding out. Then I would turn my back to him and bend over to get papers out of my briefcase. He was a sucker for my juicy ass. Then I pulled out the final carrot. I bent over toward him so that he could see straight down into the cleavage of my low-cut blouse as I read some points of my business plan. He is a breast man most of all, and my 'd' cups were the first thing he noticed on me when we met.

Next thing I know I felt his wet tounge slowly trace my ear. It sent a shockwave down my spine and I froze. He did it again and I lost control. Everything after that is a blur.

I remember just bits and pieces. I remember jamming my tounge down his throat, then jamming his dick down mine. I remember my skirt falling off somehow and me climbin up onto the sofa and sitting my crotch onto his face. I remember cumming after a few minutes of the best "head" I've had in 6 months. I remember dropping it down and riding him like a fugitiv e cowgirl trying to escape from the sherriff. I remember cumming again. I remember him liftin g me up and reversing the cowgirl and me cumming again. I remember bending over holding onto the coffee table and him "styling" me from behind. I remember cumming... again. I remember wondering if his cum still tasted sweet. I remember confirming that it still does.

I went over there because I wanted to know if I had him out of my system. I left there glad that I don't.

-- stacy j.

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