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Monday, April 23, 2007

john s.

dear ej,

The job is confirmed. The wire transfer of $250,000 to the dummy account is complete. I'll get the other half in cash when I deliver Sal Tivoli's left hand to the one who hired me. That person shall remain nameless, even in my own journal.

According to the one who hired me, "Big Sal" will be in Washington, DC, for a relaxing week at the outstanding Mandarin Oriental Hotel. No doubt, in one its finest suites. My contact cannot give me an exact room, or exact date. But, frankly, if that was necessary, I wouldn't be worth every penny of what I'm being paid.

The final details of Tivoli's trip probably won't be worked out until the very last minute for security purposes. But when they are, I'll be eavesdropping. Not on Tivoli himself, but on the FBI. They've already put the wire taps and video and Internet surveillance in place. All I have to do is scan and monitor their transmissions.

The fun part part will be making Sal disappear while agents follow him in DC. I love doing that to the bureau. It'll be my third time. The first was when I made Joe Vincinso vanish from that restaurant in Philadelphia. And then there was the time the agents lost sight of Tony Delgado's Mercedes during that mob funeral in Jersey. Time and again, I use their own tactics and procedures against them.

But it's what they deserve. They are no better than the crooks who they claim to be after. There is no justice in protecting gangsters in exchange for their testimony against other gangsters. Instead of ridding the world of this scum, they give them new lives and identities. To continue to be a part such a thing is the very face of hypocrisy.

It serves more benefit to my psyche that I end the lives of menaces to society like Sal Tivoli. Men who kill for reputation, respect, and amusement. I do more good than harm when men like this cease to exist. And I do even more good than harm when I see to it that people like the one who hired me meet the same fate.

-- john s.

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