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Thursday, May 3, 2007

kevin d.

dear ej,

Call me crazy, but I love my wife. So much that I'm willing to do what most men would deem unthinkable. I'm going to allow her to sleep with other men.

The thing is, I know that I'm a good husband. Better yet, I'm a great husband. I'm a wonderful father and a fine provider. The relationship I have with my wife is fantastic. Our bond is emotionally, mentally and spiritually sound. But there is one facet of that equation that is missing. The physical one.

I think that every man knows whether or not he has satified a woman. I think every man knows whether or not he's good in bed in general. Therefore, being totally honest, I know that I am not.

Angel and I are best friends who can talk about anything. So we were able to communicate about the fact that I was not getting the job done, so to speak. She tried to teach me how to please her. We tried sex toys. We tried romance videos. We tried porn. We tried an intimacy coach. We tried a sex camp/retreat we saw on real sex. We tried viagra. (That helped some.) But the biggest problems are that I just don't have the stroke and rhythm...or the size.

The thing that, sort of, works against me, is that Angel is quite experienced... sexually. And she has had some pretty good lovers in her past. She's had guys who were quite sizeable. A couple were even too big for her to handle. She's had guys who "banged her back out," as they say. She had one guy who would make her have so many orgasms that she would lose count. So as you can see I have numerous tough acts to follow. Acts that I have no shot in hell to even come close to.

I think the biggest reason why a guy might be afraid to do this, is the risk of losing his wife to some guy who "knows how to work it." But I don't think that would happen. You see, even though a lot of the guys she's been with have been great in bed, they turned out to be horrible in relationships. They treated her badly. They were terrible communicators. Most of them couldn't even hold a steady job. I, on the other hand, am everything angel wants in a man except great sex. The way I see it, if I can arrange the great sex for her, while providing all of her other needs, there will be nothing for me to worry about. It will simply be another way that I make sure my wife is taken care of.

Call me crazy, but I love her that much.

-- kevin d.


Opinionated Diva said...

Wow...I just don't get that one.

Curlycurvynervy said...

Dang Telly, you blew me away with this one....

Anonymous said...